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The Shepard Library subscribes to several e-book collections. The advantage of an e-book is that it is always on the 'shelf' and available to you. Some of the collections require you to register to have access to the collection. This registration is free and often provides you access to advanced functions. The collections listed below have the highest concentration of business books.

Books 24x7 (free registration required)

ebrary (free registration required for advanced functions)

eBooks on EBSCO

Vault Career Intelligence Guides

Finding Books

Books about business can be found in two main ways: by searching the NCCU CATALOG and by browsing the library's collection. When searching the online catalog, a basic search will let you search by keyword, title, author, subject heading or ISBN. An Advanced Search will let you search by a combination of these fields, as well as by format, language, location, and date.

Llibrary of Congress Classifications

The following Library of Congress classifications may be useful when browsing the shelves at the Shepard Library for additional materials on business. Books that start with "H" in the call number are located on the second floor. Additional materials such as government documents and reference books may be found on the second floor as well.

  • HD20-70--Organization of Production, Management, Industrial Management
  • HD1361-1394--Real Estate
  • HD2350-2971--Large Industry, Big Business
  • HD5481-5650--Business Arbitration
  • HF5001-6182--Business:General
  • HF5801-6182--Advertising
  • HF5401-5422--Marketing
  • HA-HG--Entrepreneurship
  • HF5549-5550--Personnel Management
  • HF5601-5689--Accounting
  • HF5717-5735--Business Communication
  • HG--Finance
  • HJ9-9940--Public Finance