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Databases are a searchable collections of documents or data.

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Federal Register @ your Fingertip


The Federal Register was created in 1935 under the Federal Register Act and was further enlarged and amended by the Administrative Procedure Act of 1946.

Federal Register serves as the main source for the U.S. federal government agencies to propose new rules and regulations, announce final rules and changes to existing rules, and notify the public of meetings and adjudicatory proceedings.

The Federal Register updated daily by 6 a.m. and is published Monday through Friday, except Federal holidays, and consists of four types of entries.

  • Presidential Documents, including Executive orders and proclamations
  • Rules and Regulations, including policy statements and interpretations of rules
  • Proposed Rules, including petitions for rulemaking and other advance proposals
  • Notices, including scheduled hearings and meetings open to the public, grant applications, and administrative orders

We recommend reading About the Federal Register for a brief overview of the structure and value of the Federal Register.

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2010 Census



Get your facts straight about the 2010 Census! Includes information on how it works, why it is important, and how to become a part of the future.

Census on Campus

The Census on Campus Initiative seeks to educate, engage, and mobilize college and university students, administration, faculty, and parents so that in the 2010 Census, every individual is counted—once, and in the right place.

Census in Schools

Explore the Census in Schools Web site to learn about the importance of census data and how it can help you learn about your world. Visit the          Materials for Schools section to get lesson plans, maps, teaching guides, and other informational materials to help teachers and students learn about the importance of the Census.

North Carolina Census 2010

2010 Census information about NC. Created by the NC State Data Center and the NC Office of State Budget and Management.


Catalog of U.S. Government Publications

The Catalog is the finding tool for federal publications that includes descriptive records for historical and current publications and provides direct links to those that are available online. Users can search by authoring agency, title, subject, and general key word, or click on "Advanced Search" for more options.

Federal Digital System (FDsys)

GPO's Federal Digital System (FDsys) provides public access to Government information submitted by Congress and Federal agencies and preserved as technology changes.


THOMAS was launched in January of 1995, at the inception of the 104th Congress which directed the Library of Congress to make federal legislative information freely available to the public. Since that time THOMAS has expanded the scope of its offerings to include other types of government information, assistance for teachers/educators, finding aids and other resources linking government information to daily activities.

U.S. Government Manual (1995--present)

As the official handbook of the Federal Government, the United States Government Manual provides comprehensive information on the agencies of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches. It also includes information on quasi-official agencies; international organizations in which the United States participates; and boards, commissions, and committees. The Manual begins with reprints of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

Homeland Security Resources




Homeland Security covers emergency preparedness which includes police management, medical volunteers and fire staff. intelligence activities conducted nationally and abroad, which is mostly covered by the FBI. It also covers infrastructure protection and perimeter protection, which entails protecting our country, bridges, monuments and large buildings. It covers border security including land, water and air. It also covers transportation security including airlines and water transportation. Bio-defense is also included. This may include defending the United States country biohazards. Detecting radioactive material in the atmosphere is also covered. Of course, continued research into future security technologies is covered in the scope of Homeland Security.








Shepard Library Resources

Academic Search Premier Coverage: Provides abstracts and indexing for over 3,200 scholarly journals covering a wide variety of subject areas from 1984 to present. Includes many complete articles from over 1,000 journals including 380 journals dating back to 1990

Access World News Research Collectionpeople, government and more with over 4,700 full-text newspapers and other news sources including theCharlotte Observer (1985-Current), Herald-Sun (1995-Current), News & Observer (1991-Current),New York Times (1985-Current), and theWashington Post (1977-Current).  Also includes: Access Business News, Access International News, Access Military, Government, and Defense, Access Newswires & Transcripts, and Acceda Noticias. It includes:
Coverage: Contains over 400,000 bibliographic citations and abstracts from over 2000 journals. Citations include journals of state and local historical societies, the social sciences and humanities, and leading historical journals in related fields. Historical coverage of the United States and Canada from prehistory to the present
Coverage:  The CQ Researcher provides original, comprehensive reporting and analysis on issues shaping our world. Each 12,000-word report is a unique work, investigated and written by a seasoned journalist. Published 44 times a year, CQ Researcher reports offer in-depth, non-biased coverage of political and social issues, with regular reports on topics in health, international affairs, education, the environment, technology, and the U.S. economy
Coverage: Explores the events, policies, activities, institutions, groups, people, and movements that have created and shaped political life in the United States. Provides students, researchers, and scholars the opportunity to examine the political evolution of the United States from the 1500s to the present day. It focus on the following themes of political history:
  • The three branches of government
  • Elections and political parties
  • Legal and constitutional histories
  • Political movements and philosophies, and key political figures
  • Economics
  • Military politics
  • International relations, treaties, and alliances
  • Regional histories
Coverage: From arts and the humanities to social sciences, science and technology, this database meets research needs across all academic disciplines. Access scholarly journals, news magazines, and newspapers - many with full text and images. 1980 - Current
Coverage: Educational journals and documents, including conference papers, policy papers, and documents from a variety of sources
Coverage: News articles covering politics, economics, culture, business, science, technology, and the environment from Africa, Asia, Europe, the former Soviet Union, the Pacific Rim, Central and South America, and the Middle East. All articles are in English and are from over 1000 translated broadcasts, news agency transmissions, wire services, newspapers, magazines and government documents. Coverage is from 1996 to present
Coverage: GPO Access is a service of the U.S. Government Printing Office that provides free electronic access to a wealth of important information products produced by the Federal Government. The information provided on this site is the official, published version and the information retrieved from GPO Access can be used without restriction, unless specifically noted. This free service is funded by the Federal Depository Library Program and has grown out of Public Law 103-40, known as the Government Printing Office Electronic Information Enhancement Act of 1993
Coverage: Bibliographic citations and abstracts from over 2000 journals, books, and dissertations. Historical coverage of the world from 1450 to the present (excluding the United States and Canada)in all branches of world history, including political, diplomatic, military, economic, social culture, religious, and the history of science, technology, and medicine
Coverage: Archive of over 100 full text scholarly journals in the arts and sciences. Does not include issues from recent volumes usually the last 2-5 years
Coverage:This database finds articles in all major law reviews, law journals, specialty law and bar association journals. Legal newspapers on Federal and State Cases, Laws and Government Regulations, Legal Practice, and legal subjects such as Taxation and International Law. British Commonwealth and European Union cases and law are also included. 1980 - Current
Coverage: Provides full-text documents from over 5,900 news, business, legal, medical, and reference publications. These sources include U.S. Federal and State case law, codes, regulations, Shepard's Citations for all U.S. Supreme Court cases back to 1789, company financial information, and industry and market news
Coverage: MarciveWeb Docs is a general index to federal government documents published from 1976 to the present and is updated monthly. It indexes many types of documents including agency publications, annual reports, census data, congressional hearings, and statistical publications
Coverage: Covers a wide variety of topics from about 3,100 magazines and journals from 1984 to present. Includes many complete articles from more than 1500 periodicals from 1990 to present
Coverage: NetLibrary provides access to your library’s eContent collection. eContent is the digital version of books, journals, and database content
NewsBank NewsFile Collection
Coverage: News articles covering social, economic, environmental, government, sports, the arts, people, health and science issues and events from more than 500 U.S. regional and national newspapers, wire services, and broadcasts. 1992 -- present.
North Carolina General Assembly
Coverage: This database finds articles in all major law reviews, law journals, specialty law and bar association journals. Legal newspapers on Federal and State Cases, Laws and Government Regulations, Legal Practice, and legal subjects such as Taxation and International Law. British Commonwealth and European Union cases and law are also included
Coverage: A selection of external links to other information about North Carolina's culture, history, business, education, agencies and public programs
Coverage: The PAIS International database from CSA contains references to more than 553,300 journal articles, books, government documents, statistical directories, grey literature, research reports, conference reports, publications of international agencies, microfiche, Internet material, and more. Newspapers and newsletters are not indexed. PAIS International includes publications from over 120 countries throughout the world. In addition to English, some of the indexed materials are published in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish
Coverage: Includes all of North Carolina Newsstand and many full text articles from: Christian Science Monitor (1988 to present), Los Angeles Times (1985 to present), New York Times (1980 to present), Wall Street Journal (1984 to present), The Washington Post (1987 to present)
Coverage: Full text searchable database of many subjects including the sciences, medicine, business and economics, government, international studies, African American studies. Coverage: 1989 - present
Coverage: Indexes and abstracts major sources in the Social Sciences. May also do a cited reference search. 1994 to present.

Additional Databases

CQ Almanac via CQ Press

Coverage: The acclaimed source for the best coverage and analysis of U.S. congressional legislation from 1945 to today is now available in a powerful, easy-to-navigate online edition. CQ Almanac is renowned for its in-depth analysis of the path legislation takes through Congress, including how bills are changed, derailed, or ultimately passed during an annual session of Congress
CQ Electronic Library via CQ Press
Coverage: CQ Electronic Library provides access to over 3,000 journals, magazines and newspapers articles on current and controversial issues
CQ Global Researcher via CQ Press
Coverage: CQ Global Researcher delivers definitive, in-depth coverage of newsworthy global affairs from a multitude of international viewpoints. It offers focused, readable, single-topic reports on vital world issues
CQ Historic Documents via CQ Press
Coverage: It contains more than 32,000 print pages since 1972—provides rich depth of content and an ever-expanding area of coverage. These documents range from presidential speeches, international agreements, and Supreme Court decisions to U.S. governmental reports, scientific findings, and cultural discussions
Coverage: With more than 200 entries on countries and territories throughout the world, it is the most authoritative source for finding complete facts and analysis on each country’s governmental and political makeup. It is renowned for its extensive coverage of all major and minor political parties and groups in each political system around the world. It also provides names of key ambassadors and international memberships of each country, plus profiles of over 75 intergovernmental organizations
s an essential resource for any collection that serves readers who want authoritative information on the members of the 110th Congress. The profiles of the 535 members plus the delegates offer concise and candid analysis of personalities, political styles, legislative agendas, political ambitions, and reputations of members at home and on Capitol Hill. Detailed state and district information plus a wealth of information and data on campaign finance, partisan caucuses, standing committees, and other member facts round out the book
CQ Researcher Online via CQ Press
Coverage: The CQ Researcher provides original, comprehensive reporting and analysis on issues shaping our world. Each 12,000-word report is a unique work, investigated and written by a seasoned journalist. Published 44 times a year, CQ Researcher reports offer in-depth, non-biased coverage of political and social issues, with regular reports on topics in health, international affairs, education, the environment, technology, and the U.S. economy
Coverage: The CQ Supreme Court Yearbook provides valuable in-depth coverage on every decision of the nation's highest court since 1989. It offers:
Year-end overviews of Supreme Court terms from 1989-2005
Case summaries of every opinion written during each court term trends in each term
Useful tables and figures on voting patterns and constitutional law
Supreme Court Yearbook Series Online Edition features easy-to-use search and browse functions that
   make navigation fast and simple

CQ Vital Stats in Amer Politics via CQ Press Coverage: It is a powerful tool for researching statistical data on politics on the United States. It offers users a wealth of data on elections and political parties, public opinion and voting, the media, the military, social and economic, policy, and much more. This new online resource features advanced data-export and download capabilities using Microsoft Excel® and other comma-separated variable formats that allow for easier statistical analysis

Coverage: WID is the essential one-stop source for information on U.S. governmental and non-governmental organizations. It provides capsule descriptions that help users quickly and easily find the right person at the right organization. WID provides contact information for:
• Congress and federal agencies
• Governors and other state officials
 U.S. and foreign diplomats 
CQ Weekly via CQ Press
 Coverage: Complete source for expert coverage of the U.S. Congress: status of bills, votes and amendments, floor and committee activity, and back room maneuvering.