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Competency-Based Teacher Education Program: Praxis Information

This guide is meant to educate and inform students on the process to be admitted to Teacher Education Program (TEP) as a teacher licensure candidate. This guide also provides information on graduating and exiting the program to become a licensed teacher.

Exams Overview

There have been recent changes to the requirements of teacher education programs across the state:

  1. All teacher candidates must take and pass Praxis Core (or provide equivalent scores on the SAT or ACT).
  2. Praxis Core is taken early in the program, prior to enrolling in restricted classes (i.e., EDU 3150 and higher).
  3. Praxis II has been replaced with the Pearson Tests for Licensure.
  4. All teacher candidates must take and pass the Pearson Tests for Licensure before beginning student teaching.

NCCU offers a 2-credit course which can be helpful as you prepare for the Praxis tests: EDU 2010: Praxis Core Preparation. The course is available face to face.


Praxis Core NC Requirements

Praxis Core Reading, Writing, and Math are required. See below for SAT/ACT equivalents.

The Praxis Tests

The Praxis® tests measure subject-specific content knowledge required for teaching, in addition to academic skills. Praxis® Core (formerly Praxis I) is a test designed and administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS). It tests candidates’ knowledge of basic writing, reading, and math concepts.

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Q & A

Q. Who is required to take Praxis Core? *

  • All undergraduate pre-education majors, second-degree, and licensure only students.
    • Unless you have a minimum SAT score of 1100(prior to March 16, 2016)/1170(after March 16, 2016) or ACT score of 24.

Q. How much does the test cost?

  • Testing Fees:   $90 per individual subtest or $150 for combined tests
  • No cash is accepted. Please see information on the website in regards to fee waivers.

Q. When and where can I take the test?

  • NCCU has a Testing Center in the Taylor Education building in Rm 113; however, there are other centers available throughout the state.
  • The computer-based test is offered during different testing windows throughout the year. Check the website for available times by registering for an account at

 *Passing this test is required for admission into the Teacher Education Program.*

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