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TEP (Elementary) Entry and Exit: TEP Overview

This guide is meant to educate and inform students on the process to be admitted to Teacher Education Program (TEP) as a teacher licensure candidate. This guide also provides information on graduating and exiting the program to become a licensed teacher.

Teacher Education Program Overview

All students pursuing a degree in Education (BK, elementary, middle grades, secondary, content areas) MUST apply to be admitted to the Teacher Education Program (TEP). Please note that this is different and separate from being admitted to the University.

The curriculum requirements for the BA in Elementary Education can be accessed at:

The Elementary Education Program addresses the following learning outcomes:

1. Teach using a developmentally appropriate and culturally responsive classroom program that promotes creativity and problem-solving skills of all elementary school children.

2. Collaborate with other teachers and other professionals to maximize the effectiveness of instruction for all elementary school children, including those with special needs.

3. Integrate technology into the classroom instructional and assessment programs.

4. Professionally speak and write for different educational contexts, including students, parents, colleagues, administrators, and other stakeholders.

Each EDU course requires a range of field experience hours - anywhere from 10 to 90 hours per course. Students who are employed in schools may be allowed to use their own class/campus for some field experience hours.

Additionally, the program requires a full semester (spring or fall) student teaching internship in a public or charter school in the appropriate grade level and/or content area.

TEP Admission Requirements

All students need to apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program. All students must pass the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators exam unless you have an ACT/SAT equivalent. The score minimums are located on this page.

Your SOE academic advisor will help you complete this application.


Teacher Education Program Entry Requirements


  1. GPA 2.7 or above at the time of application
  2. Grades of C or better in English 1, 2 and Speech
  3. Passing Praxis Core Composite Score or ACT/SAT equivalent
  4. Folitek account with documentation uploaded:
    • Updated Plan of Study from your advisor
    • PDF of Banner Transcript
    • Copies of transcripts from previous institutions
    • Official Praxis Core (or ACT/SAT) score reports
    • Dispositions Survey

Instructions for Applying

The TEP application is completely electronic and in our Foliotek system. Once you have collected all of the documents, please contact your advisor or Program Coordinator for a code to purchase a Foliotek subscription ($37/year). After you purchase your Foliotek subscription, follow the instructions below to apply to TEP:‚Äč

On your Foliotek Home Page: Click on Gateway 1: Admission to get to the TEP application.
Once you are in Gateway 1, click on TEP Application.
Once inside the TEP application, you can click the appropriate application for you (e.g., if you are first degree, use 1st Undergraduate w/Initial License, etc.). Fill in the form electronically. No paper copies or attachments.
Once you are done filling in the form, you must go back to Gateway 1 page to the attach the following items just like you would in Blackboard: Praxis scores or ACT/SAT equivalent, program sheet, transcripts, and your banner transcript.

Once you have added all of the required documents, go back to the TEP Application page (where you selected your application) and click "Request Review." Select your academic advisor as the faculty member. Add a message that you would like your advisor to review your TEP application. Then click OK.

Your application will go through multiple levels of approval including advisor, program coordinator, and Teacher Education Council.

SAT/ACT Equivalent Scores

Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators:


Reading 156
Writing 162
Math 150
*Composite Score 468 (scores of three tests must total)

SAT Equivalents (Taken prior to March 16, 2016):

Math + Verbal 1100 Exempt-all parts of Core
Math 550 Exempt-Core Math
Verbal 550 Exempt-Core Reading & Writing

SAT Equivalents (Taken after March 16, 2016):

Math + Verbal  1170 Exempt-all parts of Core
Math 570 Exempt-Core Math
Verbal 600 Exempt-Core Reading & Writing

ACT Equivalents:   


ACT Composite 24 Exempt-all parts of Core
Math 24 Exempt-Core I Math
Verbal 24 Exempt-Core Reading & Writing