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TEP (Elementary) Entry and Exit: Applying for Licensure

This guide is meant to educate and inform students on the process to be admitted to Teacher Education Program (TEP) as a teacher licensure candidate. This guide also provides information on graduating and exiting the program to become a licensed teacher.

Applying for Licensure

We encourage you to explore the licensure procedure whenever you are ready; however, you will be guided through the process for applying for licensure in your final student teaching semester. If it seems confusing in the beginning, just know that you will be supported through the entire process.



When applying for your license, please make sure you have the following:

SOE Data and Verification form (complete it and give it to your program coordinator to sign) and

CTC  (make sure your university supervisor gives you a copy of your final teaching Evaluation) uploaded to Foliotek.

However, order your official transcripts at the end of the semester and wait for them to be sent to you before you submit your Licensure Application to NCDPI. This way, your earned degree will be noted on the transcript.