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Computer Utilizations in Instructional Technology: Project 1

This course is offered through a competency-based education design. This LibGuide is designed to organize all open educational resources.

Project 1 Competency and Sub-Competencies

Can improve upon the foundations for technology integration in K-12 education by investigating current research and state supported digital initiatives and advocating for technology use in schools.

  1. Apply current research on teaching and learning with technology when planning learning environments and experiences.

  2. Demonstrate continual growth in technology knowledge and skills to stay abreast of current and emerging technologies.

  3. Demonstrate introductory knowledge, skills, and understanding of concepts related to technology.

Student Learning Resources

The following resources are Open Educational Resources that are project specific and provide the necessary knowledge base to develop your project and demonstrate your skills. Cite all sources used in APA format. 

Multimedia Project Tools

These resources will help in the development of your project. 

Digital Initiatives and Standards

Tech for Teachers

These resources will help broaden your toolkit of tech to bring to the classroom.

Project Connection