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EDU 3170 CBE: Assessment of Learning: Project 3

Project 3 Competency and Sub-Competencies

Project Competency: Can analyze and evaluate performance data at various levels and use evaluation results to make recommendations for future assessments, teaching strategies, and curricula.


  1. Understands principles of improving assessment for students from diverse groups.
  2. Evaluates various grading systems.
  3. Converts test scores from one scoring system to another.


You have three project deliverables to assist the fifth-grade teachers:

  1. A comprehensive report that disaggregate and summarizes data for the three fifth-grade classes and includes instructional recommendations
  2. A narrated presentation that discusses various approaches to grading
  3. A handout to explain how to determine a composite score for reporting that uses multiple scoring systems.

Student Learning Resources

The following resources are Open Educational Resources that are project specific and provide the necessary knowledge base to develop your project and demonstrate your skills. Cite all sources used in APA format. 

Student Learning Resources

Grading Systems and Pracrices

Skill Building Resources

Project Connection