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EDU 3400 CBE: Teaching Language Arts: Project 1

Project 1 Competency and Sub-Competencies

Project Competency: Can define current trends and best practices in language arts that are appropriate for the elementary school learning environment.


o   Candidates will exhibit an understanding of the importance of instruction in oral language and listening in the elementary school curriculum.

o   Candidates will examine current trends in language arts research and the implications for classroom practice and apply current practices during field experiences.

o   Candidates will examine the role of children’s literature in the language arts curriculum.

o   Candidates will enhance technology, communication, and presentation skills through online activities and assignments.

Deliverable: Develop a wiki that addresses the six language arts. Use the Common Core Standards, edTPA Academic Vocabulary for literacy, and the expectations for teachers based on the Pearson Foundations of Reading test as a foundation, but add information from other reputable literacy sources to make your wiki comprehensive. For each of the six language arts, provide at least 3 reading and writing connections, referencing specific texts and other resources when applicable.



Student Learning Resources

The following resources are Open Educational Resources that are project specific and provide the necessary knowledge base to develop your project and demonstrate your skills. Cite all sources used in APA format. 

ELA Activities and Lessons

edTPA Terms

Skill Building Resources