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EDU 3180 CBE: Healthful Living in Elementary: Project 2

Project 1 Competency and Sub-Competencies

Project Competency: Can identify and create healthful living activities and lesson plans that show an awareness of injury prevention, legal liability, and equity issues with regard to movement, that are tailored to meet the needs of students in an authentic elementary school learning environment.


§  Identify developmentally appropriate practices and activities for teaching movement to children.

§  Identify current “best practices” in instruction that lead to a safe movement environment.

§  Identify resources helpful in providing quality healthful living education (professional organizations, websites, books and journals, etc.).

§  Identify fitness concepts and activities appropriate for K-6 students.

§  Develop strategies to integrate students with special needs into the movement activities of the elementary school.

§  Use a school district curriculum guide to develop a healthful living education curriculum.

§  Develop lesson plans and unit plans for teaching subject content through movement.

§  Understand how to organize activities, provide feedback on skill performance, and help students choose responsible behavior when teaching movement.

§  Integrate movement into subject areas taught in the classroom and understand the benefits of doing so.

§  Understand and apply the concepts involved in motivating students to be physically active.

§  Understand and apply the concepts involved in teaching and assessing social skills in the movement setting.


Deliverable: Develop a set of lesson plans and supporting videos which demonstrate activities that classroom teachers can use to promote healthful living safely and effectively.



Student Learning Resources

Student Learning Resources

Use these resources to explore lessons and activities for PE and healthful living.

Skill Building Resources