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EDU 3180 CBE: Healthful Living in Elementary: Project 3

Project 1 Competency and Sub-Competencies

Project Competency: Can implement and evaluate healthful living activities in the elementary school classroom through clinical experiences and a service learning project.


§  Implement various teaching strategies and organizational techniques when teaching movement.

§  Participate in activities from the various movement forms.

§  Understand and apply the concepts involved in motivating students to be physically active.

§  Understand and apply the concepts involved in teaching and assessing social skills in the movement setting.

       Deliverable: After conferring with one or more administrators, develop and implement a service learning project to help the school meet a need related to healthful living and addressed in the CDC guidelines. Once your project is complete, develop a presentation that showcases the project and provides a reflection on your leadership and collaborative efforts.

Student Learning Resources

Use resources from Projects 1 and 2 for this course.

Worksheets and Practice Tasks

Skill Building Resources