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EDU 3210 CBE: Curriculum I: Art, Music, Drama: Project 3

Project 1 Competency and Sub-Competencies

Project Competency: : Can develop instructional strategies that reflect an understanding, appreciation, and sensitivity to the cultural differences in the K-6 classroom.


  1. Can develop strategies and activities designed to provide elementary school students with the attitudes, knowledge, and the skills necessary for successful living in a culturally diverse environment.
  2. Can evaluate the importance of classroom climate to positive personal development.




  1. A graph that illustrates the cultures that exist among the students and staff at the school.
  2. Six, integrated lesson plans
  3. Digital presentation sharing the plans for the multicultural fair



Student Learning Resources

The following resources are Open Educational Resources that are project specific and provide the necessary knowledge base to develop your project and demonstrate your skills. Cite all sources used in APA format. 

Student Learning Resources

Skill Building Resources

Project Connection