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Resources about Sikhism and Sikh Americans: Sikh Culture

Why Sikhs Wear Turbans

Perspectives on why Sikhs wear turbans

From the Sikh Coalition: 

Sikh Theology: Why Sikhs Wear at Turban:

From About Religion:

Why do Sikhs Wear Turbans?:

Sikh Awareness Presentation by the Sikh Coalition

The Sikh Coalition has been leading Sikh Awareness presentations in schools, work places, and interfaith meetings for the last ten years. Generally, these presentations last between 45 minutes to an hour, but you can shorten or lengthen that time depending on your host's needs. Below is an example of a presentation from the Sikh Coalition.

Lost Treasures

Published on Nov 3, 2014

Lost Treasures of the Sikh Kingdom BBC Documentary 2014 Full Punjab

In the birthday week of the founder of Sikhism, TV auctioneer James Lewis tells the story of the lost treasures of the 19th-century maharajah, Ranjit Singh. After conquering the Punjab, the British compiled a catalogue of the priceless diamonds, weapons and works of art.

Historic Sikh Artifacts


29 August 2013 Posted by WRN Editorial Staff

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