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EDU 3400 CBE: Teaching Language Arts: Project 2

Project 2 Competency and Sub-Competencies

Project Competency: Can apply current trends in language arts to create lesson plans that are tailored to meet the needs of students in an authentic elementary school learning environment.


o   Candidates will plan and implement instructional activities.

o   Candidates will develop a repertoire of specific strategies for assessment and remediation among students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Deliverable: Select an ELA grade level standard and central focus, then develop a 2-3 day learning segment and corresponding commentary that provides the rationale for your instructional choices.  (Note: You will implement at least one of these lessons in Project 3, so be sure to pick something you will be able to teach.)

Student Learning Resources

The following resources are Open Educational Resources that are project specific and provide the necessary knowledge base to develop your project and demonstrate your skills. Cite all sources used in APA format. 

edTPA Terms

Skill Building Resources