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About Journal Finder

What is Journal Finder?
Journal Finder is an integrated search interface that allows you to determine if the library provides electronic access, to find out if the library owns a print copy, which other libraries may have print copies, and to order copies of articles that can be sent directly to you.
Does Journal Finder just contain scholarly journals?
No. Despite its name, Journal Finder includes not just journals, but also newspapers, magazines, newsletters and other items that come out more than once per year.
Which periodical titles are in Journal Finder?
Journal Finder contains lists of all journals, newsletters, newspapers, and magazines that meet one of the following criteria:
  1. The Library offers immediate online access to a significant amount of full text for that title
  2. The Library owns some printed issues of that title
Is Journal Finder a good place to find articles on a particular topic?
No. Use the Electronic Databases page to find articles on a given topic. Once you find out which journals contain the articles you need, you can come back to Journal Finder to find the journals.

Using a database

How to Find Articles Using Research Databases

Research databases contain electronic articles from newspapers and other sources.
Research databases contain electronic articles from newspapers and other sources.
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You generally can access research databases through libraries or universities. They contain electronic articles from a variety of sources, including newspapers, journals, magazines and historical documents. Navigating through the thousands of articles in a research database to find only articles on a particular subject can be a little tricky. But with practice, you'll probably be able to find what you need. 

Difficulty: Moderate


  1. 1

    Choose the database that you want to use for your search. Typically, libraries and universities subscribe to multiple research databases to ensure users can find the articles they're looking for. You can choose a database by title, or you can choose one by subject. Some examples include Academic Search Premier, LexisNexis Academic and Reference USA.

  2. 2

    Click on the database link for the research database you chose. This will take you to the "Search" screen.

  3. 3

    Type in the topic you're looking for in the "Search" box. Most databases contain two or three search boxes that allow you to search for an article with multiple topics. For example, you can search for "Vietnam War" and "Guerrilla Warfare." The articles you find will most likely contain information about the Vietnam War and about guerrilla warfare.

  4. 4

    Limit your search by using the advanced search features the research database offers. You can choose to limit your search results by date, author and type of article. You can also choose a particular journal or limit the search to only articles that have been peer reviewed or that appear in a scholarly journal. These last two options will help ensure the article you find is from a reputable source.

  5. 5

    Click the "Search" button to search for articles that fit the criteria you entered. This will generate a list of articles. Some of the articles will be available as a PDF file, and others will be available in HTML. Some articles will have a "Find" link that will allow you to find the print version of the article at the library or university that subscribes to the research database in which you're searching.

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