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Mass Communication

Journal Finder

Journal Finder is a list of journal titles, not a research database. If you don't have a citation, or don't know in which journals the articles you need may be located, you need to first search your topic in a research database.

When you identify the articles you want, some research databases may offer convenient links to the full text of the article. If the research database does not offer a direct link to the text of the article, you can consult the Journal Finder to see where you can find online access or print copies.

Magazines, Journals and Trade Information




All readers

 The general reader on science and technology subjects

Scholars and students


Printed on glossy paper; many advertisements and pictures

Printed on glossy paper; shorter in length than scholarly journals; many advertisements and pictures

Contain charts and graphs; very few pictures


Writers or journalists hired by the magazine

Members of the profession, or reporters

Professors, scholars, or leaders in the field


Entertain and inform

Keep professionals up to date with developments in the field

Publish new research in the field


Very few are cited

Very few are cited

References and citations are listed at the end of each article


Articles are reviewed by editors employed by the magazine

Articles are reviewed by editors employed by the magazine

All articles have gone through a process known as peer-review before being published. During this process, the article is evaluated by scholars within the same field of study. This ensures that the research materials are authoritative


Published weekly or monthly

Published weekly, monthly, or bimonthly

Published only a few times a year; quarterly