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Open Education Resources (OER): Open Education Resources (OER)

This LibGuide is a collaborative effort between the Shepard Library and the Department of Criminal Justice

Open Educational Resources


Department of Criminal Justice Curated Collection of OER 

Course OER Content (Non Textbooks) Open Textbooks
CRJU 2250 Intro to Criminal Justice 
CRJU 2350 Intro to Law Enforcement 
CRJU 2450 Intro to Corrections
CRJU 2650 Juvenile Justice   
CRJU 3000 Criminal Justice Theory 
CRJU 3060 Ethics & Diversity in CJ 
CRJU 4000 Criminal Justice Practicum
CRJU 4060/4061 Criminal Justice Statistics 
CRJU 4110/4111 Research Methods in CJ
CRJU 4510 Criminal Procedure 
CRJU 4600 Senior Seminar 
CRJU 2500 Criminal Investigations 
CRJU 4250 Criminal Law   
CRJU 4150 Police Management Theory  
CRJU 4630 Law Enforcement Theory, Policy & Practice
CRJU 2470 Jail Policy and Practice 
CRJU 2510 Corrections in the Community 
CRJU 4160 Correctional Counseling   
CRJU 4640 Correctional Theory, Policy & Practice   
CRJU 4650 Counseling in Juvenile Justice   
CRJU 4660 Juvenile Justice Theory, Policy & Practice   
HLS 3000 Intro to Homeland Security   
HLS 3200 Emergency Management & Protection   
HLS 3500 Infrastructure Protection    
HLS 3800 Countering Violent Extremism   
HLS 4640 Homeland Security Theory, Policy & Practice  
HLS 4000 Financial Investigations  
HLS 4200 Transportation Security
CRJU 3020 Introduction to Private Security
CRJU 3050 Police Community Relations 
CRJU 3500 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Forensic Science 
CRJU 4025 Drugs, Addictions, Vice and Crime 
CRJU 4200 International Corrections 
CRJU 4210/ 4220 Contemporary Problems in Criminal Justice I and II  
CRJU 4260 Independent Study in Criminal Justice   


Department of Criminal Justice OER 

Supplemental Resources  OER Type  Name or Title of OER 





Student Success and Critical Thinking   
Diversity and Cultural Competence   
Race and Crime