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EDU 3230 CBE: Teaching Social Studies: Fieldwork Parts 1 - 3

LibGuide for Elementary CBE pilot program for EDU 3230.


The field experience requirement for this course is 10 hours.

What is field experience? Field experience is your opportunity to observe and assist with prescribed activities in an educational setting. For this course, you can perform your fieldwork in any elementary classroom environment. Contact your faculty member for permission to observe a different grade level. Reach out to your faculty member if you have questions.


Who handles my field experience placement? The school placements for CBE sections are self-selected, and you will need to provide Proof of Placement via an email or other documentation from school personnel. If you are local, you may choose to apply to volunteer using the district's website.


How do I record my experience? Field experience is two parts. First, your field experience is logged via a signed log of hours and then submitted through Blackboard at the end of each course.  Second, is through a reflection blog that you will develop and answer open ended question that promote a higher level of thinking.


Where do I write my blog? Create your blog using a blogging software you choose. Below are suggestions for free online blogging tools. Your blog must be viewable by your instructor in order to receive credit for the assignments.


  1. Choose a platform you want to host your blog throughout the program. Blogging website suggestions are below.
  2. Ensure your blog is public or can be shared with your instructors.


Check Blackboard for additional details on the field experience requirement for this course. 

Field Experience Blog Part 1

Before you write your blog post:

You will need to interview 2-4 teachers (one from K-2, one from 3-5). Prepare a list of interview questions related to the philosophy and teaching of social studies. Interview your teachers. 

Write your blog post:

As you create your blog, please reflect and respond to the following:

  • Summarize the responses of each teacher.
  • Compare and contrast their responses.
  • In what ways do you agree/disagree with their points of view?

Field Experience Blog Part 2

Before you write your blog post:

For this fieldwork experience you will observe two teachers (one from K-2, one from 3-5) teaching social studies. 

Write your blog post:

As you add to your blog, reflect and respond to the following:

  • Describe each of the social studies activities that you observed. 
  • In your opinion, what were the instructional targets? Were they achieved?
  • Note elements of universal design for learning that was observed in each lesson.
  • Note at least one strategy that could be added to the lesson activity to support diverse learners.

Complete and attach your edTPA Context for Learning.

Field Experience Blog Part 3

Before you write your blog post:

  • You must complete your edTPA Context for Learning, if you haven’t already done so for this specific class.
  • For this fieldwork experience you will prepare and teach a social studies lesson. Make sure that you have completed the edTPA Context for Learning before you begin. Using your lesson plan template, be sure that you consider the universal design for learning guidelines as well as the NC standards for social studies. You will attach your lesson plan to your blog post.

Write your blog post:

Before you add to your blog, consider the following:

  1. What was the most difficult part of planning this lesson?
  2. What activities were particularly successful during your lesson?
  3. What is one way that you might improve the lesson for the future?

Don't forget to attach a copy of your lesson plan to your blog.

Don't forget to submit your signed log of hours.