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EDU 3310 CBE: Foundations of Literacy Assessment and Instruction: Fieldwork Parts 1 - 3


The field experience requirement for this course is 10 hours.

What is field experience? Field experience is your opportunity to observe and assist with prescribed activities in an educational setting. For this course, you can perform your fieldwork in any elementary classroom environment. Contact your faculty member for permission to observe a different grade level. Reach out to your faculty member if you have questions.


Who handles my field experience placement? The school placements for CBE sections are self-selected, and you will need to provide Proof of Placement via an email or other documentation from school personnel. If you are local, you may choose to apply to volunteer using the district's website.


How do I record my experience? Field experience is two parts. First, your field experience is logged via a signed log of hours and then submitted through Blackboard at the end of each course.  Second, is through a reflection blog that you will develop and answer open ended question that promote a higher level of thinking.


Where do I write my blog? Create your blog using a blogging software you choose. Below are suggestions for free online blogging tools. Your blog must be viewable by your instructor in order to receive credit for the assignments.


  1. Choose a platform you want to host your blog throughout the program. Blogging website suggestions are below.
  2. Ensure your blog is public or can be shared with your instructors.


Check Blackboard for additional details on the field experience requirement for this course. 

Field Experience Blog Part 1

Before you write your blog post:

Observe literacy instruction and interview/have discussions with teachers at both the K-2 and 3-5 levels.

Write your blog post.

As you create your blog, please reflect and respond to the following:

  • What types of formal and informal assessments do they use?
  • How do the assessments required for this course align with your district’s required measures?
  • Which assessments do teachers find the most useful?
  • What changes would they like to see regarding literacy assessment at their grade levels.

Field Experience Blog Part 2

Prepare to write your blog post:

  1. Observe literacy instruction at the K-2 and 3-5 levels.
  2. Complete a Classroom Environment Checklist in both the K-2 and 3-5 grade levels.

As you add to your blog, reflect and respond to the following:

  • Discuss in detail what you observed about the literacy environment and instruction at each level. Consider how this relates to what you know about literacy learning.
  • Discuss opportunities for enhancing the literacy environment.
  • Attach copies of both checklists you completed and any notes you took on the classroom environments.

Field Experience Blog Part 3

Before you write your blog post complete your observation:

Observe the literacy block at either the K-2 or 3-5 level.

Write your blog post:

  • Reflect on the assessment-instruction cycle.
  •  Discuss any connections you see between the literacy assessment measures you administered and the type of instruction that takes place in the class.
  •  Think of ways more intentional connections between assessment and instruction could have been made.

Don't forget to submit your signed log of hours.


Field Work Connection

You must complete 15 hours of field experience for this course. There is no set amount of time for each field work assignment; just be sure to log all hours. For hours completed in your own classroom (as Teacher of Record), you may sign off on your own hours. If you are a TA or if you are completing experiences in classrooms/settings that are not your own, be sure to have your log signed by the teacher/administrator/etc. you worked with.