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EndNote WEB

Importing Ciatations

Adding New References manually to your EndNote Web Library

1.    From Collect tab click New References

2.    Select the reference type from drop down list of available reference type

3.     The reference type you select will determine which fields you will enter data for this reference

4.    Click an field to enter data in it

5.    The Author field is the first field, personal name should be enter last name coma given name e.g. Murad, Faiz

6.    There must be a line break between the author name

7.    The name with suffix like Junior put a second coma after the given name then the suffix e.g.  Murad, Faiz, Jr.

8.    Corporate name should be enter a comma at the end

e.g. The Dialog Corporation,

9.    In year field put copywriter or publication year only

10. Put the information you need for your bibliography in correct fields

11.  For pages field in EndNote web sometimes varies depends on your journal format e.g. 125-8 or 125-128 (EndNote Web will convert according to journal format automatically) for books the total number of pages like 575.

12. You can copy and paste fields rather typing

13.  Key word must be separated by a line break

14.  URL also must be separated by line break

15. Once you finished with your data then go to the top to groups and select the group you want to add your record to be

16. The records will save automatically but the delete button will delete if you wish to delete

17.If you want to add a record later then just click on the title to library list to open it.

18.Use Show Empty Fields to see only those fields that has data in it.


Online Searching within EndNote Web

You can perform searches of ISI Web of Knowledge, PubMed, and Ebsco databases through EndNote Web.

  1. Click Collect at top of the screen.
  2. Select the desired resource from the Select database or library catalog connection drop-down list..
  3. Click Connect.
  4. Enter search terms in the search box(es).
    Optional: Select a field from the In: box.
  5. Click Search.
  6. Number of records retrieved will be displayed. Click Retrieve.
  7. Citations will be displayed on the screen. Click in the box to the left of desired citations or click on All or Page.
  8. Select the desired group from the Add to group drop down menu.


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