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EndNote WEB

Search Records and Groups

You can easily search your EndNote Web library using the Quick Search feature. This tool searches your entire library - all fields for all references in all folders.

  1. Enter a search term in the Quick search: box.The search term must be 3-120 characters in length. To search for a specific phrase enclose the phrase in double quotes.
    Example: "dna fingerprinting"
  2. Use* to replace one or more characters at the end of a search term.
    Example: drug* (retrieves drug, drugs, druggist)
  3. Select a group or use the default All My references to search your library.
  4. Click Search.

Eliminate Duplicate References

It is possible to have duplicate records in your library. To identify and delete them, use the Find Duplicates link under the Organize tab. EndNote Web compares the Author,Year,Title,and References Type fields when identifying duplicates.